# Append in real-time Paid feature

The Append scans to .csv file option instantly writes the output to a .csv file in your computer.

# Instructions

# Step 1 – Open the server settings

# Step 2 – Enable the Append scans to a .csv file option

# Step 3 – Save the settings

Click Save & Apply.

After you select the output file path and save the settings, the new scans will be automatically appended to the file you selected.

# Dynamic file names

Dynamic file names allows you to save the scans in different files based on dynamic variables such as the name of the smartphone that is acquiring the barcode.

Examples are:

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\scans\{{ device_name }}.csv

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\scans\{{ date }}_inventory\output.csv

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\scans\{{ static_text }}.csv

You can see it in action in this video:

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