# Keyboard Emulation

Keyboard emulation allows you to automatically type the barcodes inside other programs.

Once you scan a barcode from the app, it will be instantly transmitted to the computer and automatically typed inside the active window.

Here you can see an example with a spreadsheet:


The Keyboard emulation will work with any program on your computer, for example: your inventory software, your accounting software, or even a web page in your browser.

Keyboard Emulation is enabled by default, to use it:

  1. Open Barcode to PC server on your computer
  2. Position the cursor in the text field where you want the barcode to be typed
  3. Open Barcode to PC app on your smartphone and tap the red camera button

# Common issues

# Nothing gets typed (Windows)

Make sure that the Enable Keyboard Emulation option is enabled in the server settings, like this:

# Nothing gets type (macOS Only)

Make sure that the server program has Accessibility permissions:

# If it doesn't work only with a specific program

If it is able to type barcodes inside other programs but not in the one that you want, try to run the server as Administrator right-clicking on it, like this: