# How it works

# What are Output Templates?

The Output Template is the components sequence that you define in the server settings:

each component represents a specific action that will produce an output.

# What Components do?

Components can be used for data collection on the smartphone.

Here is an example:

Components such as ENTER or PRESS_KEY are used to simulate keypresss on the computer and do not affect the smartphone side.

# Where the Output goes?

Components output is sent to the Keyboard Emulation and also to the CSV files (if it’s enabled).

A sample output CSV file generated by the Output Template looks like this:

123456789,1,Option 1
123456789,2,Option 2
123456789,3,Option 3

# Building an Output template

The Output Template can be changed by dragging & dropping the components, as shown in this video:

  1. Open Barcode to PC server on your computer
  2. Click the settings icon (up-right side)
  3. Drag & drop the components from the Available components field to the Output template field